About Adielle Carrington

Dr. Adielle Carrington is a powerful voice and fierce advocate of dynamic change. Her unique message of hope is anchored in the intricate connections between Body, Mind & Spirit.

Having immigrated to America from her native Romania as a teenager, Dr. Adielle’s message has been built from deep in the trenches of real life. From her years as a critical care nurse (CCRN) at both UCLA and USC University Hospitals, to her doctoral dissertation on the obesity epidemic, to her personal commitment to fitness, and all the way to her current work as a clinical psychologist at one of the nations most notorious level-4 maximum-security prison in Northern California, she brings both passion and compassion to the conversation on true and lasting change.

Dr. Adielle’s range & depth of personal and professional life experiences shine brightly in her teaching and writing. Her work is both remarkable and inspiring as it explores the “Why” behind the “What If” and “How To” of human behavior and change.

Dr. Adielle lives in Northern California.